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Claims Defensibility

Many insurers don’t investigate the circumstances of an accident or incident until a claim is received. This causes opportunities to be lost when gathering evidence.

It is well known that early intervention following an accident or incident is the key to keeping overall claims costs low, whether this is by facilitating a defence or making an early admission of liability and allowing insurers to settle the claim quickly.

Additionally, by investigating accidents or incidents early and determining the culpability and possible costs it allows insurers reserves to be set more accurately, which subsequently means that premiums are calculated on the correct information.

Our Risk Management team will undertake a full and comprehensive Root Cause Analysis into the cause of the accident or incident, gathering a full suite of evidence on the way, such as photographs, witness statements, technical specifications etc.

They will prepare a full defence for insurers in case it is needed or make recommendations for an early admission of liability. We will then talk to you about recommendations for improvement of the risk to demonstrate to the insurers that all lessons have been learnt.

We will also talk about the possibility of diverting any potential claim.

Our team will also establish whether there is any right of recovery from a third party and assist with involving them early to allow them to prepare themselves and their insurers.
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